Course Info

Course: German 1
Instructor: Frau Davis
Resources: Blaine Ray readers and Look, I can Talk! will be used as resources (no text will be distributed to students in this course but are available for checkout upon student or parent request.)
I.             Course Objectives
                1. To refine communication skills
                2. To broaden comprehension of oral and written language
                3. To present information, concepts, and ideas to an audience
                4. To appraise the relationship among the practices, products and services of the diverse German-speaking and European cultures.
                5. To make new connections with other disciplines
                6. To analyze the distinctive viewpoints of other cultures
                7. To compare the German and English languages
                8. To integrate the cultural perspectives into the individual ethnic backgrounds
                9. To use the German language both within and beyond the classroom
                10. To value the study of language for personal enrichment.

II.            Course Methodology
                The methodology for teaching the German language used in this class is Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling, which was invented by Blaine Ray. It provides a language-rich environment that promotes foreign language learning by what sounds right. TPRStorytelling provides natural language acquisition in humorous, non-stressful situations. It does not stress grammatical instruction, but rather encourages grammatical correctness by modeling correct structures in stories. It teaches students to relate language to actual objects and actions. It does not promote simple regurgitation and memorization. TPRStorytelling promotes long-term memory retention because it is visual, physical, acoustical and contextual.

III.           Course Outline
                This one year course is designed to achieve a beginning degree of proficiency in the German language. It will further the ability of the learner to communicate in authentic oral and written context and increase the ease and confidence with which the student uses the language in the community. Connecting with other disciplines and comparing the native language to German will be stressed, expanded upon, and developed. It will promote a better understanding and appreciation of the German-speaking cultures.

IV.          Evaluation
                A student’s grade in this course will be determined by several factors:
                                Class Participation                            10%
                                Tests/Quizzes                                    40%
                                Standardized Final                             10%
                                Homework/Classwork                       10%
                                Independent Reading                         10%
                                Projects                                             10%
                                Culture                                              10%

V.            Independent Reading
                A.            Based on the type of instruction used in this course, very little homework will be assigned on a regular basis. For this reason, students wishing to excel in the class will be encouraged to take on independent reading at their own pace and on their own time.
                B.            Reading material will be provided upon request of the student. Each distributed reading will be challenging, yet readable for each student.
                C.            Students will be required to demonstrate knowledge of their reading at an appropriate time.
                D.            Each student will be solely responsible for maintaining their readings and demonstrating that knowledge to the teacher.

                E.            This section represents TEN PERCENT of your child’s grade. Students that are striving for an A will not be able to attain their goal without doing some sort of independent reading by the end of each semester.